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Keuring 2023

September 2, 2023


Photo Album

AFHA Trail ride 2023

July 2023


Photo Album

4th Annual Ringsteken Event in Ponoka

July 15, 2023


Photo Album

AFHA at Parades & Stampedes in Alberta

July 2023


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Summer Driving Event

June 17, 2023


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Horse Expo Red Deer

April 2023


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2023 Clinics

April, July, August 2023


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'22–'23 Indoor Driving Derby Season



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AFHA 25th Anniversary Show

October 19,2022


Event Page: story, photos, videos, and social media highlights

2022 Keuring & Education Class

August 24, 25, 26, 2022


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AFHA's Summer 6-day trail drive

July 24-30,2022


Photo Album

AFHA's 3rd Annual Ringsteken Event

July 16,2022


Photo Album

AFHA at Alberta's Parades and Stampedes

July 2022


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AFHA's 2022 Riding & Driving Clinics



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'21–'22 Driving Derby Season

February, March, Apri, May, June,2022


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First Kids Derby

March 4,2022


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Fall Driving Event - Lacombe

September 25,2021


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Second Annual Ringsteken Event - Downtown Ponoka

July 24,2021


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Neighbourhood Trail Ride - Central Alberta

July 19-23,2021

Thank you beautiful Alberta! It is July 19, 2021, 6 o’clock in the morning. Horses are being fed, breakfast is made, the porculator is brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Eight carriage drivers and two riders, all members of the Alberta Friesian Horse Association, are getting ready to start their 5 day trail ride in Central Alberta... (read more)


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Calgary Parade & Stampede 2021

July 9-14,2021


Photo Album

Trail ride at Maria's

May 28-30, 2021


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Indoor Derby

April 3, 2021


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Lindsey Stroh One on One dressage coaching

March 13, 2021


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Fall AGM & Fun Afternoon

October 10, 2020


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Alberta Quadrille

Sep, 2020



Alberta Quadrille: Full Show

First Annual Ringsteken Event - Downtown Ponoka

July 25, 2020



First Annual Ringsteken Event in Alberta, Canada (external link)


Photo Album

Summer Derby

July 18, 2020


Photo Album

Iron Horse Trail

July 6, 2020

“Covid 19” during 2020: no horse events or clinics, no “keuring”, shows or parades, but a group of AFHA members didn’t sit around and wait it out. On July 6, a convoy of 7 trucks and horse trailers got on the road to ride and drive part of the Iron Horse Trail, located in East-Central Alberta, Canada. The trail is 300 kilometers long... (read more)


Photo Album

Covid 19 - AFHA Photo contest

Spring 2020


Photo Album


Fall Club Meeting & Fun Afternoon

October 19, 2019

Alberta Quadrille at Keuring 2019

September 25, 2019

AFHA Quadrille Group at Keuring 2019

Keuring 2019

September 25, 2019

AFHA Keuring 2019

FHANA's 35th Anniversary Celebration, hosted by AFHA

July 15–17, 2019



FHANA 35th: Event pictures with links to Google Photos:

FHANA 35th: Show 1. Opening
FHANA 35th: Show 2. Derby I Riding
FHANA 35th: Show 3. Derby II Driving Singles & Pairs
FHANA 35th: Show 4. May the force be with you
FHANA 35th: Show 5. Ringsteken
FHANA 35th: Show 6+16. Gymnastic on horse back
FHANA 35th: Show 7. Bareback Dollar bill challenge
FHANA 35th: Show 9. Keuring stars
FHANA 35th: Show 10+26. Driving w. clinicians Anne & Jacques
FHANA 35th: Show 11. Working Equitation
FHANA 35th: Show 12. Dressed for the best
FHANA 35th: Show 13. Once upon a time in the West
FHANA 35th: Show 14. Black Pearls
FHANA 35th: Show 15. Original & Authentic hitches
FHANA 35th: Show 17. Wheelbarrow dance
FHANA 35th: Show 18. Pole bending
FHANA 35th: Show 19. The Alberta Quadrille
FHANA 35th: Show 20. Best riding horse
FHANA 35th: Show 21. Barrel racing
FHANA 35th: Show 22. Best driving horse
FHANA 35th: Show 23. King of Queen
FHANA 35th: Show 24. Double Double
FHANA 35th: Show 25. Mounted archery
FHANA 35th: Show 27. Evening Opening
FHANA 35th: Show 28. Friesian Sjezen performance
FHANA 35th: Show 29. Black & White in harmony
FHANA 35th: Show 30. Team Jacques & Eva Poppen
FHANA 35th: Show 31. Four In – Two Out
FHANA 35th: Show 32. Team driving derby
FHANA 35th: Show 33. Surprising riding –Wild West Willie
FHANA 35th: Show 34. 1,2,3,4,….hitch the horses
FHANA 35th: Show 35. Mounted shooting
FHANA 35th: Show 36. Musical Ride
FHANA 35th: Show 37. History of FHANA
FHANA 35th: Show 38. Q & A…Shall we dance
FHANA 35th: Show 39. Prince & Princess
FHANA 35th: Show 40. The Alberta Quadrille
FHANA 35th: Show 41. Closing parade
FHANA 35th: Monday  July 15
FHANA 35th: Wednesday July 17
FHANA 35th: Wednesday evening banquet & party

AFHA at the Ponoka & Lacombe Parades

June–July, 2019

AFHA at the Mane Event in Red Deer

April 26–28, 2019

Okkema Driving Clinic

March 5–7, 2019

Marc-Peter Spahn Dressage Clinic

March 5–7, 2019


Derby Fun

Jan, Feb, Nov, Dec, 2018

Meeting/Working Equitation Demo

October 20, 2018

KFPS Judging Course

October 4–6, 2018

Keuring 2018

October 3, 2018

AFHA at the Lacombe Parade

July 28, 2018

AFHA at the Calgary Parade & Stampede

July 6–10, 2018

Driving Clinic w. Ewoud Boom

July 2–4, 2018

AFHA at the Ponoka Stampede Parade

June 29, 2018

Club Ride & Drive and AGM

May 5, 2018

Dressage Clinic w. Marc-Peter Spahn

Apr.30–May 2, 2018

AFHA at the Mane Event in Red Deer

April 27–29, 2018


Anne Okkema Driving Clinic & Indoor Derby # 2

Dec 13–16, 2017

AFHA Derby 2017

Dressage Clinic w. Marc-Peter Spahn

Nov 2–4, 2017

Keuring 2017

Oct 2, 2017

AFHA at the Lacombe Parade

July 29, 2017

Ewoud Boom Driving Clinic

Jul 24–25, 2017

AFHA at the Calgary Stampede

Jul 10–11, 2017

YouTube: AFHA Musical Ride Performance - Calgary Stampede

Club Ride & Drive

May 6, 2017

AFHA at the Mane Event in Red Deer

Apr. 21–23, 2017


Marc-Peter Spahn Dressage Clinic

Oct. 17–18, 2016

Keuring 2016

Sep 20, 2016

Anne Okkema Driving Clinic

Aug.24–26, 2016

AFHA at the Calgary Parade & Stampede

July, 2016

AFHA at the Ponoka Stampede Parade

June 30, 2016

Trail Drives

June, 2016

Spring Club Day

May 7, 2016

AFHA at the Mane Event in Red Deer

April 21–24, 2016


Dressage Clinic w. Marc-Peter Spahn

October 20–21, 2015

Driving Clinic Anne Okkema

Gull Lake Farms, Lacombe | October 2–3, 2015

Keuring 2015

Bosch Farms, Red Deer | September 18, 2015 | Results/Scores

AFHA Keuring 2015

Driving Clinic w. Gerard Paagman

Gull Lake Farms, Lacombe | July 31–August 1, 2015

AFHA Driving Clinic 2015

Trail Ride & Drive at Cooking Lake Park

July 16, 2015

AFHA Trail Ride at Cooking Lake Park, 2015

AFHA at the Calgary Stampede

July 6–7, 2015

AFHA at Calgary Stampede 2015

AFHA at Sylvan Lake Parade

June 13, 2015

AFHA at Sylvan Lake Parade 2015

Spring Club Day

Gull Lake Farms, Lacombe | May 9, 2015

AFHA Spring Club Day 2015

AFHA at Mane Event in Red Deer

April 24–27, 2015

AFHA at Mane Event in Red Deer, 2015

Dressage Clinic w. Marc-Peter Spahn

April 10–11, 2015

AFHA Dressage Clinic with Marc Peter Spahn

Dressage Clinics w. Lindsey Stroh

December 2014 and January 2015

AFHA Dressage Clinic 2014

Keuring 2014

Bosch Farms, Red Deer | September 19, 2014

AFHA Keuring 2014

Driving Clinic w. Gerard Paagman

Aug.1–2, 2014

AFHA Show at Amberlea Meadows 2014

AFHA Show at Amberlea Meadows

July 25, 2014

AFHA Show at Amberlea Meadows 2014

AFHA Members at CanDrive 2014

CanDrive at House of the Friesians | June 29–July 12, 2014

AFHA Members at CanDrive 2014

Fun Day

May 3, 2014

AFHA fun day 2014

Dressage clinic w. Rebecca Cade

November 30, 2013

AFHA Rebecca Cade Dressage clinic 2013

Keuring 2013

Bosch Farms, Red Deer | September 20, 2013

AFHA Keuring 2013

AFHA at Battle of the Breeds

Sprice Meadows, Calgary | September 5–7, 2013

AFHA at Battle of the Breeds, Spruce Meadows, Calgary, 2013


Musical Ride

Ponoka | Henk&Enny's anniversary | August 17, 2013

YouTube: AFHA Musical Ride 2013 in Ponoka

Musical Rides

July 9, 2013, at Calgary Stampede | July 15, 2013, at Olds College

The AFHA Musical Ride Group is now going into its fourth year as a group and continually becoming better. We found that somebody, a thus-far unknown fan, had put a video of the Calgary Stampede performance on YouTube; the Friesian is getting increasingly popular!

Olds College Centennial Musical Ride Group at Old College Contennial 2013 Olds College Centennial
(a must-see video)
Calgary Stampede 2013 Musical Ride Group at Calgary Stampede 2013 Calgary Stampede 2013

Musical Ride 2013

AFHA at the Calgary Stampede

July 8–9, 2013

Calgary Parade 2013

AFHA Members at the Calgary Parade

July 5, 2013

Calgary Parade 2013

AFHA at the Sylvan Lake Parade

June 15, 2013

AFHA at Sylvan Lake Parade 2013

Club Day

May 18, 2013

AFHA Club Day 2013

Keuring 2012

Bosch Farms, Red Deer | September 21, 2012

AFHA Keuring 2012

Trail Rides Drayton Valley and Sundre

July and September, 2012

Trail Rides

AFHA at the Calgary Stampede

July 9–10, 2012

Calgary Stampede

AFHA Members at the Calgary Parade

July 6, 2012

Calgary Parade 2012

Fun Day

May 5, 2012

AFHA Fun Day

Musical Ride

October 8, 2011

AFHA members contributed to the Dr.Wilma DenOudsten DVM Bursary Fund day.

AFHA Musical Ride Practice

Keuring 2011

September 22, 2011

AFHA Keuring 2011

Trail Ride Pigeon Lake

August 13, 2011

AFHA Trail Ride to Pigeon Lake 2011

Trail Rides at Rolyn Hills & Red Lodge Guest Ranch

May 21 & June 25, 2011

AFHA Trail Ride to Pigeon Lake 2011

AFHA at the Mane Event in Red Deer

Red Deer, Alberta | April 29–30, 2011

The Alberta Friesian Horse Association was again part of the fantastic MANE event in Red Deer, Alberta. This horse event shows a wide variety of breeds and horse skills. The Friesian horses stole the show and the 10-person carrousel impressed many spectators. AFHA took the preparation for this year's entry very serious and trained for months. We have a video of the jam-packed Saturday night performance at the Westerner Pavilion in Red Deer.

Mane Event Photos


Events 2010

Fun Day, Trailriding, and Horse Judging

Every month this past summer season of 2010, AFHA organised trailrides and games for its members. Many participated and many more wished they did, because it was a lot of fun.

Keuring 2010 at Olds, Alberta, Canada

by: Linda Johnston

This year we gathered at a different spot at our usual venue for the 2010 Keuring. The facility was even better than we had enjoyed before, with an open, roomy stall area, which opened into a huge wash-rack area, then into an arena with wonderful lighting and footing. We were thankful for the heated washrooms, lots of prime viewing area, a great PA system and the incredible camaraderie amongst our members.

Keuring day dawned beautifully clear and fairly warm, but the arrangements were made to use the indoor arena for the day. Early morning was a flurry of activity, everyone working hard to get their horse(s) ready for the judges. The usual chaos prevailed, and then everyone went about being in the right place at the right time. The PA system was superb; communication between the arena and the barn was clear and easily heard.

Klaas Wiersma, as usual, was our announcer, and did a wonderful job as always Our Judges were BJ Wittenberg, Pieter Bergsma and JR Blumenthal. Our runners were Richard Meinen and his friend, both very good at their jobs. They all did a stellar job, and provided us with a great learning opportunity. We would like to thank you all.

There were a total of 27 horses judged this year. The Champion colt was 1st Premie , “Hidole II”, bred and owned by Hidzer and Fay Sietzema. Reserve Champion colt was 2nd Premie, “Hardy fan Bonnie View”, bred and owned by Klaas and Annelies Wiersma.

Champion filly was 1st Premie, “Ice”, bred and owned by M. Diane Caldemeyer-Reid. The Reserve Champion filly was 1st Premie, “Gem fan Bonnie View”, bred and owned by Klaas and Annelies Wiersma.

Three mares became Ster, namely 2nd Premie “Willow of Endymon Farms”, bred by Bonnie Derry of Endymon Farms and owned by Sandra Graves, 2nd Premie “Winke fan Bonnie View” bred and owned by Klaas and Annelies Wiersma, and 2nd Premie “Vokelsje”, bred by M. Doller and owned by Allison Thomas. The Champion mare was “Vokelsje”, and the Reserve Champion was “Winke fan Bonnie View”.

The Grand Champion Horse of the day was “Vokelsje”. Her thrilled owner, Allison Thomas floated home to Saskatchewan on cloud nine! The Reserve Champion of the day was 1st Premie filly “Ice”, whose owner, Diane Caldemeyer-Reid, left for home in Montana a very happy woman, with a very successful day behind her.

Our Alberta Friesian Horse Association planned a barbeque that night and a gathering to “play” the following day We all said our “goodbye, see you next year” to the folks that had to leave right away, and a “see you tonight “ to those who could take part in the barbeque held at Kees and Annie Muilwijk’s farm that evening. Members and their horses were cordially invited to spend the night at Kees and Annie Muilwijk’s or at Wim and Nita Floryn’s, so they could take part in the next day’s events.

Click here for the Keuring results (PDF). And Click here for the Keuring Pictures.

Alberta Friesian Horse Association Barbeque and “Fun & Games Day”

by: Linda Johnston

After the Keuring was over and the visiting with the judges and runners ended due to the planes they had to catch, several members gathered for the social and barbeque at Kees and Annie Muilwijk’s home. An absolutely wonderful meal and get-together was shared by all that attended. Many thanks to those who made it possible.

The next morning, many members took part in a super day of Friesian fun and games at Wim and Nita Floryn’s Gull Lake Farm. Wilma DenOudsten did an outstanding job of organizing the games. We had a great time playing such games as walk-trot, both the fastest and the slowest, the hilarious egg on a spoon race (with raw eggs!), followed by an exciting relay race, with more than a few challenging moments! Wilma then directed us into the indoor arena, where a trail-type course was set up. Our Friesians were asked to co-operate with us while opening and closing a gate while mounted, going through a scary shredded blue tarp hung from the ceiling, then moving hoops from one side of the post of the tarp was hung on to the other side of the post. This proved to be a lot harder than one might think! Next came backing our horses between two rails on the ground... not exactly what some of the horses wanted to do! We rode on toward a barrel with a jacket set on it, to be picked up, put over the shoulders, then set back on the barrel. The last obstacle to overcome was to leave the course through a, luckily empty foot bath! Many laughs were shared as each horse and rider had their struggles. There was plenty of help for those who had trouble, and we all made it through!

After we had completed the games portion of the day, some horses were hitched and driven while others remained under saddle, as we all set out for a jaunt to Gull Lake for a swim or splash with our horses. Several of us got a little wet, but it was well worth it!

Our Club Presidents Wim & Nita Floryn, along with Kees & Annie Muilwijk, had yet another delicious meal and social ready for us after the ride. We sat together, ate great food and visited with one another....all-in-all, a fantastic way to spend a day! Wilma had gathered up an array of prizes for the games, and Janneke’s son Paul was the big winner of the games overall. We each received a prize for every conceivable performance imaginable!

Thank you to Wilma DenOudsten , Wim & Nita Floryn and Annie & Kees Muilwijk for yet another simply amazing opportunity for us to get together and enjoy our friendship and our Friesians.

Click here for pictures of the Fun & Games Day

AFHA Members at the Calgary Parade

July 9, 2010

Afha members participated again in the Calgary Parade. The same names but a little different than last year. House of the Friesians had a very sharp entry with carriage pulled by 4 in hand and 5 horses under saddle. Very nice and they won the First price. CONGRATULATIONS to the Paagman family. Gull Lake Farm had an entry which showed the variety of the Friesians: 2 horses under saddle with trumpet and a banner which said: “Friesian Horses can do it all” followed by  Nita in the characteristic Friesian Sjees, then 2 dressage Friesians, then a Landauer pulled by a pair, then 2 western ridden horses and then the Hitch wagon western style pulled by two Friesians.

Enjoy the pictures of the parade en thanks to the volunteers who put their time in the AFHA booth for 1 or more days during the Stampede days and some of them showed their Friesians in the small arena as well.

1 2 4
6 3 5

(Wilma's) Trail Rides

May–August, 2010

Members of AFHA and some other horse lovers enjoyed the trail rides/drives in May, June, July, and August of this year. All these ride/drive days were full of sunshine and nice temperatures and happy people.

Wilma Den Oudsten did a very good job in picking those very nice spots.
In May she took us to the Red Deer River area. It was great and at the end of the day we had a good BBQ on a very nice spot along the river.

In June we went to Cooking Lake, East of Edmonton, which was a nice adventure as well. Sometimes the horses had to work a little harder because of some muddy spots. But overall a great day again and the food prepared by Wilma was delicious and her “Hash Browns” are famous now and in the meantime the recipe is distributed all over the world.

In July a 3-day trip to the Kananaskis with a smaller group was beautiful.

And in August a close to home day more prairie like ride around the Den Oudsten farms in the Crestomore area with of course a great BBQ to finish the day.

Enjoy the pictures and videos.

AFHA (Wilma's) Trail Rides

AFHA at the Mane Event in Red Deer

April 23–24, 2010

After many practising evenings since January at Gull Lake Farm in Lacombe, 8 members put up a very nice musical ride at The Mane Event in Red Deer.

The Mane Event is a well-known equine education & Trade Fair and visited by thousands horse people from any kind. Our club was present at the fair with a good visited booth. Thanks to everybody who volunteered their time to help out in the booth. The Musical ride went very well even though half of the participating horses were young or green when they started practising.

Riders and horses: Wieke Dykstra with Black Beauty, Kenton Miller with Anneke, Marita Floyn with Rosita, Annie Muilwijk with Teske, Wilma Den Oudsten with Tjitske, Nick Den Oudsten with Talitha, Nita Floryn with Joltsje, Janneke Poot with Quillen and the Friesian Sjees driven by Wim Floryn accompanied by Karen Den Oudsten and pulled by Ennik. And last but not least our trainer/coach Colleen did a great job to point everybody in the right direction.

Enjoy the pictures and to watch the videos click on ……


AFHA at the FHANA 25th Anniversary Convention in Reno

October 10, 2009

By: Linda Johnston

RENO!!! As the FHANA 25th Anniversary Convention and Horse Show loomed closer and closer, the excitement and the anticipation of such an extra-special, once-in-a-lifetime event caught many of us northern Friesian lovers up in an “I have got to go” frame of mind.

Several members of the Alberta Friesian Horse Association, along with family and friends, made the trip to Reno in order to attend and participate in this spectacular event.
Orange pants were everywhere! Yellow jackets were always in sight! The orange pants, trademark of the House of the Friesians crew, and the bright yellow jackets, worn by the Bonnie View Farm crew, were a highly visible statement; “The Canadians Are Here!”

There were many spectacular events in the horse show, but some of the best had to be from our very own AFHA members .The smile that lit-up the entire arena, the smile of 11 year old Balance Paagman as she drove a team of Friesians in the Pleasure Driving Working Pairs class. She did a wonderful job, and wins top honours for her beautiful smile! There was the eye-catching costume that member Aron Scraba wore, riding Ykson fan Bonnie View in the Fantasy Costume – Riders & Drivers class. Aron caused quite a stir, especially with the male judges and members of the audience! You looked great, Aron! We were all treated to drama and very fast-paced action in the exciting Roman Show, performed by Gerard Paagman of the House of the Friesians and members of his crew. As the crowd cheered them on, louder and louder, the two chariots, each pulled by four magnificent Friesians abreast, expertly driven by Gerard Paagman and Edwin Van Der Graaf, raced around and around the arena at a flat-out gallop, both vying for the hand of the beautiful Princess. The crowd was caught up in the action, shouting and waving their red or yellow “flags” to support their favourite. Edwin was the one who drove off with the princess, but it was a very close race! In another spectacular part of the horse show, Edwin thrilled and amazed everyone present, and had us all on the edge of our seats as he showed almost unbelievable driving skills as he manoeuvred a beautiful hitch of eight Friesian horses through a very tight and difficult course. Absolutely fantastic! The chariot race and the multiple-hitch driving has obviously impressed the KFPS executive attending the show, as Gerard has been invited to perform his Roman Show and to drive a six- and an eight-in-hand at the Stallion Show in Leeuwarden, Holland, in January! I am sure that we all wish that we could attend that show, but there will be at least some AFHA members present to help him with the horses and to cheer him on. We will all be cheering you on, Gerard, even if we can’t be there in person. GO, Gerard, GO!

The horse show was filled with a huge variety of classes, and it was difficult to leave the action in the main arena to attend the many interesting clinics and other exciting events which took place in other parts of the complex! It was so nice to see some truly Friesian events, such as the trotting races and the Sjees driving events. The traditional costumes worn by the ribbon-bearers were a lovely touch.

Many people met, stories and experiences were exchanged, new friends were made, and we all shared at least some common denominators: our love for the Friesian horse, our dedication to work together to preserve this magnificent breed and in recognizing the need to continue to breed our Friesian horses carefully, so that they can be the best that they can be, now and in the future.

All of us from the AFHA had a great time in Reno, but there were some very tired folks loading up to tackle the long haul home. About 20 members, with several friends and family members, represented the Alberta Friesian Horse Association very well, and were proud to be a part of the 25th Anniversary of the Friesian Horse Association of North America! BRAVO!!!

Trailride at Gull Lake

September 12, 2009

by Linda Johnston

A wonderful day of fun, friendship and Friesians was held on September 12th, starting and ending with the unsurpassed hospitality of our Presidents, Wim and Nita Floryn, at Gull Lake Farm near Lacombe. Wim and Nita, together with Annie and Kees Muilwijk, planned and organized every detail; from fantastic food, cozy box stalls for the horses, a wonderful trail and even the best weather possible! Sunshine, a cooling breeze…perfect! A good turnout, both riders and drivers, enjoyed the beautiful trails along the shores of Gull Lake. We had a single horse driven by Hidzer Sietzema, a pair driven by Wim Floryn and a four-up driven by Gerard Paagman. Along with nine riders, both English and Western, our group of black, beautiful Friesians was a sight to behold!
Halfway through the trail, we stopped and enjoyed lunch and visiting with members and horses. On the way back, a stop on the beach was enjoyed by all. Three horses and riders set out to prove that Friesians can swim, heading out far from shore to where the horses started to float and swim. Horses and riders were soaked, but a great time it was! We returned to the Floryn farm, settled our horses in graciously provided, well appointed stalls, and gathered for a wonderful social and BBQ. All participants agreed that Wim & Nita & Kees & Annie had done an incredible job, and that we will have more of these events in the future.

Keuring 2009

Ausust 24, 2009

by Linda Johnston

Inspection day dawned sunny and reasonably warm, in stark contrast to the cold, cloudy, windy day before; the day that most of us moved in to the stables at the Calouri Pavilion in Olds, Alberta. We were again faced with occupied and un-cleaned stalls, due to an event held over the weekend, but we managed to muck out, shuffle around and get settled by early evening.

Most of us got together for a nice dinner, with the judges, BJ Wittenberg and Jaap Boersma, along with runner Richard Meinen. Last minute chaos prevailed when Richard informed us that our other runner had cancelled at the last minute! Frantic efforts were made to find a replacement runner, and we checked our horses and turned in without knowing what the morning would bring.

A delay in starting gave us all a little extra time to groom and polish our horses, and to get just a little bit more anxious! Finally, the outdoor arena was ready to go, a substitute runner had been found, the P.A. system was set up and the show began! Charlene Koehl’s colt Diego was awarded 1st premium and named the Champion Colt. Eclipse fan Flyin’ Feathers, owned by Linda Johnston was named Reserve Champion Colt.

The fillies strutted their stuff, and Femke fan Olds and Famke fan Bonnie View earned 1st premium, while 5 others received 2nd premie. Famke fan Bonnie View, owned by Melissa & Debbie Johnson, was judged as Champion Filly, while Femke fan Olds, owned by Hidzer and Faye Sietzema, the Reserve Champion Filly.

Many beautiful mares were judged, but only one received Ster status, that being in the 3 year old Mares category. T. Martini v.d. Peace Country Friesians, owned by John Van Genne, was given a 2nd premium, thus becoming a Star mare. Two Star mares, Nienke fan Bonnie View and Riemke fan Bonnie View, both owned by Drs. Klaas and Annelies Wiersma, remained as 2nd Premium Star mares.

There was one gelding and one stallion judged for premium and star, but the coveted “Ster” was not to be this year for either one.

The Champion of the day was awarded to T. Martini v.d. Peace Country Friesians, owned by John Van Genne.

As is usual, an AFHA meeting was held after the judging and measuring was completed. We were joined by the judges, as well as by Richard, our stellar runner of the day.

All present expressed a huge thank you to Hidzer and Faye Sietzema for their many hours of hard work organizing yet another successful keuring. We exchanged thoughts on the day, tended to club business, then loaded our horses and headed for home, with another keuring behind us. Now, to plan for next year…

AFHA Members at the Calgary Parade

July 9, 2009

On Friday the 3rd of July was the first day of the Calgary Stampede, "The greatest Outdoor show on earth."  The parade on that first day with more than 700 horses attracts always thousands of people and was live on T.V.

Club members participate already several years with their eye catching Friesians. This year we had again, 2 beautiful entries. And both won a first price in different categories.

The House of the Friesians from Invermere (Paagman family and friends) promoted the Friesian horse with a wonderful group of riders and a carriage with 4 in hand. Gull Lake Farm from Lacombe (Floryn family and friends) had a theme "Friesian Horses can do it all." They expressed that by driving the Friese Sjees, riding English/costume style and driving and riding Western Style. The crowd was as usual, enthusiastic and that gave the participants a good feeling.

Alberta Friesian Horse Association