“One on One” with Lindsey Stroh

Driving Lessons from The Expert


By Enny Van Aken

March, 2021


"If you are that person who wants to work with an aspiring equestrian, let me pass on a suggestion: When the opportunity arises, sign up for a “One on One” lesson with Lindsey Stroh."

Growing Up

Lindsey has been surrounded by horses all her life. As a young girl, she enjoyed them at the farm, as part of her 4-H club, or with the pony club. She grew up enjoying all aspects, such as jumping, western, eventing; no matter what, she did it. Then, at the age of fifteen, things changed. Inspired by her long-time coach Vicky Argals, she started to pursue her dressage career. An opportunity to get sponsored and show two horses presented itself, which ended up being “very instrumental” to her success. Besides that, Lindsey obtained an “Equestrian Canada” coaching certificate, which opened a new door to add value to the equine world.

Lessons at AFHA

On March 13, 2021, a group of Alberta dressage riders (most of them AFHA members) had the opportunity to learn and build on their skills under the “all-seeing” eyes of Lindsey Stroh. Every lesson started with a half minute conversation between Lindsey and the rider. Then they began. Lindsey evaluated each pair and determined what needed to happen. Looking back, Lindsey reflected the following. “I try to nail it as quick as possible. I follow the rider and the horse. Sometimes it’s clear to me really fast, other situations it takes a bit longer. And if I see the rider doesn’t respond to my explanation, I quickly switch over to something else. The goal of these lessons is to equip the rider with new ideas and skills to work on after.’ And that is exactly what we saw March 13th, while she worked with eight different riders.

Looking back, here are some captured moments of the day.



Balance & Collection

Annie Muilwijk, riding Jolijt, a ten-year-old Friesian mare, Anders 451 x Jasper 366. Anders 451 competes at the Grand Prix level with Marc-Peter Spahn. That is not something Annie wants to achieve. She likes to work on getting more control in every gait and to get the horse more balanced and collected. She has no specific goals for showing, she wants to make her rides look good and go smooth. Annie is happy with the instructions and some new ideas Lindsey gave her today and is excited to keep working on it by herself.

  Annie Muilwijk
Amber Dijkstra  


Amber Dijkstra, at fourteen years old, the youngest rider today, riding Rinske, a seven-year-old Friesian mare, Maurits 437 x Maiko 373. Amber’s horse is pretty green and she is here today to get more riding experience, especially in dressage. She calls the Friesian horses “Majestic”. She really liked Lindsey’s teaching. “I learned a lot from her,” says Amber. When I asked about her best horse experience so far she says, “That was definitely last year’s jumping show with my other horse.”


Maria Leusink, riding Jesse, a ten-year-old stallion, Doaitsen 420 x Tjimme 275. Maria also participates to improve her riding abilities. She got Jesse eight years ago and likes to hold on to her dream: One day show Jesse (or another horse) with good results. Maria’s comment after the lesson, “It went excellent. We accomplished some important things that we struggled with. I truly gained some new understanding.”

  Maria Leusink
Janneke Poot  


Janneke Poot, riding Quillin, a sixteen-year-old gelding, Rintse 386 x Jasper 366. This pair shows at the Prix St. George level. Janneke says, “Lindsey has a lot of experience. She is calm and has a high understanding of the dressage sport. She sees it! And everybody, at any level, can learn lots from her.”


After sitting in on those lessons I drove home with some of Lindsey’s expressions stuck to me like a song: “Own your position….”, “Don’t go with your horse….”, “Key for collection…”. I have witnessed the work of a knowledgeable and very pleasant instructor who talks her clients through every moment and movement so that they can attain a particular goal.

So let me say it again: if you are that person who wants to learn from an aspiring equestrian: sign up for the next “One on One’ opportunity with Lindsey Stroh!

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Enny Van Aken is an AFHA member and regular writer for AFHA, owner of Friesian horses, avid driver in indoor and outdoor derbies, driver in the Alberta Quadrille, and a loving mother and grandmother.

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